1. Project background

Planning departments in local authorities are currently experiencing a sector-wide problem: back-end case management systems aren’t meeting the needs of the Planning Officers using them.

Over the last few years, a number of pain points have emerged from current systems and processes, including:

● 40%+ of applications submitted via Planning Portal arrive incomplete, resulting in lengthier administration processes and higher costs

● Poor and non-responsive user interfaces make it difficult for Planning Officers to succeed in meeting their goals

● Poor data quality and data accessibility is affecting authority strategic considerations A lack of required integration capabilities across different systems is blocking streamlined processes, increasing administration activity

● Local authorities are reliant on external software providers to update their product roadmaps, based on feedback — a lengthy and non-guaranteed process

A user-centred Back-office Planning System (BoPS) for local authorities

BoPS is a collaborative local authority project, funded by the MHCLG Local Digital Fund and led by Southwark Council & Partners.

  1. About the project
  2. Project background
  3. Our approach
  4. User research
  5. Discovery phase
  6. Alpha phase
  7. Beta phase
  8. Weeknotes and sprint notes

If you are part of a local authority team or an interested party and would like to find out more about contributing, collaborating and/or our approach, please get in touch:

Project contact
Tom Buttrick, Southwark Council


Michelle Isme, Delivery Manager, Unboxed


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