Beta phase

Duration: 16-weeks (March 2020 - present)

Following the completion of the alpha phase, the project has been awarded further MHCLG funding, enabling the team to continue into the beta phase — the current project phase.

Beta phase 1 took place from May to August 2020. The outcome of this phase was a BoPS prototype for further development based on feedback from user testing. 

See the beta phase 1 report here.

For the beta phases 2 and 3, the team has prioritised the following approach:

  1. Preparing the Lawful Development Certificate MVP for private beta testing
  2. Alligning with the RIPA project to ensure that the two systems work together seamlessly
  3. Continuing to develop the householder development type MVP

RIPA and BoPS private beta testing began in June 2021. Applicants are invited to submit their LDC application through RIPA. If you are an applicant or an agent who is due to submit an application to Southwark Council, Lambeth Council, or Buckinghamshire Council during the summer please get in touch


A user-centred Back-office Planning System (BoPS) for local authorities

BoPS is a collaborative local authority project, funded by the DLUHC Local Digital Fund and led by Buckinghamshire Council & Partners.

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  9. Accessibility

If you are part of a local authority team or an interested party and would like to find out more about contributing, collaborating and/or our approach, please get in touch:

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Kevin Buckthorpe, Buckinghamshire Council

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